Chances are that at one point or another, your son or daughter and their friends will become obsessed with playing video games. The effect is usually enhanced if you are a gamer yourself and they see you playing games casually. There will be a time when you may have to find games accessible to them and will also be accessible to you and their friends to play.

The solution? Co-operative (or multiplayer) games.

Knowing the difficulty of finding quality co-op games that are also child-friendly, we came up with a short list of our top 5 picks for multiplayer games that your son or daughter will love.

1. Minecraft

It’s the obvious answer and I’d be willing to bet your son/daughter is already playing or has played at some point. Minecraft is a phenomenon throughout every age group and is only limited by your imagination. The ability to build, destroy, hunt and get hunted, the unique art style that’s simple yet satisfying, and the simple and intuitive gameplay make Minecraft the first choice for a party game. Also, using online capabilities (or local multiplayer if you have multiple PCs in the same room), your son/daughter and you can play, build and create together.

Or, if it’s time for a party, then your son/daughter and all their friends can enjoy a fun and entertaining experience being creative together. It also helps that Minecraft is one of the few games that is supported on almost every platform including mobile, consoles and PC.

If you like the sound of Minecraft you can get it on PC here!

2. Rocket League

The surprise hit that started its life on the PlayStation 4 and has extended to PC Gaming as well. Rocket League is an alternative sports game that tests concentration and co-ordination. If your children enjoy competitive and co-operative gameplay and want to have fun with their friends either online or locally with split-screen multiplayer, then Rocket League should be added to the list.

What makes it a great party game? It’s competitive, fast-paced, has fast cars that can spin around mid-air, fly with rocket boosters, a giant ball that explodes, and an easy to understand objective – score a goal. Any party featuring Rocket League will surely be a hit.

3. LEGO Games

The LEGO games have succeeded in redefining a neglected genre – the co-op, child-friendly, platformer that are also innately funny and easy to grasp. What’s even greater, there’s a LEGO game for pretty much every popular movie franchise out there and I’m almost certain your son/daughter would have heard of them. Featuring popular franchises such as Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Star Wars, Avengers, Batman, the list goes on and on.

LEGO Games are great party games due to the fact they support local split-screen multiplayer, something pretty rare nowadays. So, if you have a couple of controllers and a PC to connect them to, then there’s tons of worlds to explore, puzzles to solve and action to be had. The LEGO games are designed to be intuitive, humorous, challenge problem solving skills and are aimed at ages 7+.

4. Magicka

Magicka is another light-hearted co-op, party game that children will love. It has a lot of depth and allows quite a few options for creativity, such as allowing players the opportunity to create their own magic spells.

Everyone plays as wizards from a sacred order, tasked to stop an evil sorcerer who is hell-bent on taking over the world with his foul creatures. Players must work together with their friends to tackle the challenging campaign and defeat the minions of darkness.

The world is rich with fantasy and lore based on Norse mythology and the tone of the game is satirical and filled with cliches and humour. There’s also a wide range of different environments that range from frozen halls of the mountain king to lush forests and mountain valleys.

5. Gang Beasts

Gang Beasts is a rare, indie gem that doesn’t rely on deep gameplay, rich story line or graphics to impress, but instead, on humour, ingenuity, persistence and a group of good friends. The graphic style is cartoony and the animations are basic which makes everything even more hilarious.

What’s the main goal of each player? They have to wrestle the gelatinous avatars of their friends and be the last one standing in the arena. It’s not quite as easy as it sounds as it can be quite hard to pick up and throw your friends when they’re fighting back.

Gang Beasts is a party game that is difficult to put down even though each round is quite short. The simple hilarity of wrestling with your friends who are also essentially blobs of plasticine makes this one of the best party games that has released in a while.


Perfect for Gaming Parties and Birthdays

All 5 of the previous games are excellent party games that are sure to keep your kids occupied for many hours. All of the above are perfect for spending some quality time bonding over a co-operative or creative gaming experience, or celebrating with a fun and entertaining kid’s party with all their friends.

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